December 14, 2009

public utilities

trash cans are water cans
Outside of every house, there are trash cans filled with water. My neighbors wake up at 5am everymorning to get the attention of the water truck. Lately, they have to wait about 3 days to get that attention. These barrels are not even clean to drink.

toilet paper is trash paper

Poor sewage = toilet paper cant go in the tiolet

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Pallotti Center said...

Hi Dan!
Great blog. You do a good job of giving stories and little glimpses of your life while keeping the posts short. When I lived in El Salvador for my service years my posts were always long. Long posts are nice too, but short ones get read.
We're out here at the St. Vincent Pallotti Center in Washington, DC. Just wanted you to know we appreciate all you do! Have a lovely Christmas.
Molly @ the St. Vincent Pallotti Center