March 20, 2010


community. life.

heat, caged windows, salsa music, futbol
lonely nights, long conversations, looking at the calendar
how many chapters will be in my roller coaster day?

once again, i find myself a stranger in a strange land. but at this point in the year, im pretty well known in my community. im best known for being the ¨gringo en la cancha.¨ that translates to the white dude who plays soccer. futbol. 7 days a week. every day. i play, futbol. but lets start from the beginning...

i first was introduced to futbol in my after school program. every else was doing it. and from anyone who knows me, i fold like oregami under peer pressure. so like a lot of other things in my life, i just took what Keirkegard would call a ¨leap of faith¨and i jumped in head first. and after playing futol a couple days a week, i became addicted.

5 days wasnt enough. I needed to find more games. so i started playing sundays too. on the streets. there is always something on the line. food, drinks, money, and pride. and today, i started a league on saturdays to get my fix in 7 days a week.

and so thats where i spend my free time. and thats how i became to feel like a part of my community. and futbol has opened new doors for me. to friendships. to casas. and to a new vocabulary of trash talking that is centered around ¨tu madre¨.

so futbol is a huge part of my life down here now. and it is how i have gotten to meet my community. and it is why i am periodically turning my head as i am writing this to some of my new names ( dan-yell, dan-i, dan-yell-ito, gringo, jefe, pana, amigo, ñaño) as my new friends pass by and see me through the steel bars of the internet cafe. some stop in. a couple of the younger kids have eagerly watched my type everyword.

i miss home. i miss home a lot. but today i am happy being a stranger in this strange world.

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Gisele said...

We miss you too!!!
We think about you often!!!!
Love, Mom