April 29, 2010

Keep on Moving

So May is just around the corner. Time is flying by and we’ve all been starting to realize that this experience is coming to an end. As of right now, I have no plans coming back home. Just New Hampshire for now, and we’ll see which way the wind blows after that.

Fortunado is 90 years old and 9 months. Laura and I visited him today, in his dark room at Damien House. He has had the shades drawn in to rest, as he hasn’t been feeling well for the last couple weeks. He leans over and turns down the salsa music to great us. At this moment he is filled with joy to have visitors and as he leans up on one elbow to talk. He is a man filled with life and optimism. He is a poet, not by any standards, but he spends the days writing prose about his “Linda Ecuador.” Laura and I read his poetry and listen to his 90 year history filled with wisdom over a cup of coffee.

He tells us that “trabajo es un regalo de Dious”, y “que preciosa es esta visita, estoy muy feliz porque no tengo mucho tiempo mas, y un ancieno como yo tiene que aprovechar la tiempo. Cada dia es un bendicion. Ahorrita ustedes tienen todo su vida, tan joven, aprovechar la tiempo precioso.” And then he talks about how he had his time and how his life is coming to an end. He says now “I’m old, and ugly.” Laura jumps in and says “No- what do you say that?!” He smiles, and laughs his old man’s laugh and says “Because everyday I look at myself in the mirror!”

Well my time might be coming up in Ecuador, and Fortunado’s in his life, there is beauty in sharing a laugh today. Because today is all we have. We easily live in memories, or in future plans, but when we do, we miss the miracle of life today.

I have been experimenting with Truth in Ecuador. By displacing myself in such a foreign land, I have come to realize not how different we are- but how akin we are. I have come to realize that this whole experience is not just a year, but the beginning of a journey. A journey of experimenting with Truth, wherever I am, with whomever I am with. God is everywhere, and within everyone. And we do God’s work, by celebrating life today wherever you are, and whoever you are with. We all have the ability to do good, to spread love. Just keep on dancing.


Garrett said...

couldn't agree more with the last paragraph. keep on living, man. hope to see you soon.

Michael said...

Amen to that dude