July 1, 2010

so this is it...

Dear family and friends,

I have been really bad keeping up this blog lately. Its because I have been completely overwhelmed with the idea of going home, that I have been taking advantage of the short time I have left here in Ecuador.

So for now, Im taking a break from writing online. I hope to keep up my journal and, sometime when I am in New Hampshire, translating it back online, sharing more of my pictures, stories, lessons learned, and emotions felt.

I have really enjoyed sharing this emperience with all. Thank you for reading and staying interested throughout the year. Just by writing on this template, I have felt a healthy connection to home throughout my year in this strange, loving, and unique place.

Keep on dancing and Ill see you back home in August,


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Kerry said...

Hi Dan,

I think you might be back in the US now - I'm a former Arbolito volunteer and stumbled across your blog today on the Rostro site, and just wanted to thank you for the immense richness of your reflections. I feel renewed and recommitted. Mil gracias! Hope to meet you stateside at some RdC event!